Soil is not Dirt



Repeat after me “Soil is not dirt”!  Soil is the top few inches of the earth,s surface.  Dirt–is what my car is currently covered in. Soil is divided into 3 basic categories sandy soil, clay, and loam,  I have sandy soil.  It drains quickly and can withstand heavy rains without flooding.  It is wonderful and I thank the God’s on a regular basis.  Clay is brutal. Ever been through Georgia?  The soil becomes a different color almost a shade of rust.  That is clay.  Another clue it holds its’s shape when wet and feels greasy.  Lastly there is loam.  It is what all farmers pray for- rich, black, healthy soil full of nutrients and minerals.  Seldom do we see it anymore as it is being stripped and sold.  You can buy it in bags sometimes labeled as compost.

Why is soil so important?  Once you know what you have you can correct it.  All soil can be improved by adding rich organic materials. Healthy soil = Healthy plants.

Next time you tell your kids to  stay out of the dirt…is it soil?