Is it dead?  I just planted it! If this sounds all too familiar then you have found the right site. Friends and neighbors ask me how did you grow that?  It’s easier than you think and with a little common sense and information you can do it too.  I will help  you turn your black thumb into a green one.  William Alexander wrote a book called The $64Tomato recalling his struggle with growing the perfect tomato plant. That’s where  a beginner gardener can  find himself in trouble. Perfect seldom finds itself in nature. Consumers have been tricked into thinking a perfect produce means it taste better which is simply not true  Also just in case you have been living under a rock there is a food revolution going on.  Pesticide free, non GMO and organic  are marketed as the healthy way to eat. Can you grow them? Yes you can  and I will show you how to be victorious  in your garden,other page.


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