Baseball, Hot dogs, and Spring!


It’s finally here.  After months of cold wet wintry weather spring is officially here.  I have been outside working on weeding, transplanting and cleaning our my garden beds. IMG_0903It will be a long time until I am able to pick a beautiful garden bouquet but working outside now will save me hours of work.

Spring is officially the month of new beginnings.  For example the new baseball season begins.  I live in Illinois and the Cubs winning the World Series has been a big deal. We love our Cubbies and whenever we have the chance we go and see them play.  Last Saturday we drove to Milwaukee Wisconsin and saw the Cubs beat the Brewers.  For those of you who have never been there it is an hours drive from Chicago making it an easy drive and I love the stadium.  The majority of fans were Cubs. We got to go with my entire family making it a special day.

What is better than baseball gardening and sometimes arrives in the spring? Babies. My daughter and her husband are having their first baby this summer. I got to spend some time with her this weekend and she looked wonderful. Babies are the best. I love the way they smile and look and smell. Life is good. Spring is here and looks like it will be quite a special year.






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