Hail No!


Welcome Spring

Every Midwesterner  knows that spring is like a teeter totter. The temps go up then they go down. Just when you put away all your winter gear the temperature drops like a rock. This spring/winter has been no  exception.Tonight  the sky darkened and the heavens let loose. Hail bounced off the table and chairs like ping-pong  balls escaping from a container. Well I’ll take this over a tornado any day.

Spring weather has been an obsession with every gardener I know. In fact my daughter in law never watched the weather channel until she met us. Working outside is liking being freed from winters home arrest. We get to smell the fresh air, feel the spring winds on our face and watch for the signs of spring.

Rainy nights and lightning never scare me. But give me a storm capable of producing a tornado and I’m heading to the basement. I have been through many heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, storms. The tornados   have always missed my home but tore through neighborhoods, fields and power lines nearby.

So tonight and for many nights to follow I will watch the weather forecast. Tomorrow’s supposed to be in the 70’s which is a little bit warm for March but I’ll take it.  My mind is ready for warmer weather. Enough of this cold. Like my mom use to say for March it’s ” in like a lion and out like a lamb”


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