Flowering Trees and Shrubs


Three Easy Flowering Shrubs

Country kids find unique places to play. Springtime with its warmer weather and green grass were heaven-sent for a little girl  from the Midwest. One of my favorite secret places to play was under the lilac and bridal wreath shrubs. I could hide and play for hours under white clouds of cascading flowers. I dreamed of becoming a bride some day and having lilacs and lily of the valley as my flowers.

Woody plants are long-lived and can provide color, shade and shelter for animals as well as humans. Shrubs need ample space to grow, unlike flowers, shrubs  grow and mature to twice  their size. Shrubs come bare rooted or container grown.  A big no- no is planting a shrub too deep, in fact it is the main cause for plant failure.   The hole should be twice as wide as the plant but not too deep. The line of soil in the container should match the soil around the shrub. Backfill the hole with top soil  and top with mulch.  Don’t forget to water and you will have a beautiful shrub for years to come. Shrubs and trees should be planted in the spring or fall depending on the species or variety. Taking your time and following these steps will insure success! Lilacs, bridal wreath and forsythia top my list of favorite easy to grow shrubs.  You can find them at your local nursery.




Living in Illinois lilacs can be found in many landscape.  They are a late-blooming flower in the north.  Easy to grow and care for they come in shades of purple, pink and white.  French lilacs are my favorite but they only bloom in the  spring.  Newer varieties have longer blooming times. I feel fortunate that lilacs grow in my neck of the woods.  They do well in climates that are warm in the summer and cold in the winter.

Bridal Wreath


The white blossoms cover the arching branches of this shrub in early summer.  Once common in every back yard I ever played in these plants are harder to find.  The Spirea x vanhouttei needs full sun and not much care.


The first flowering shrubs of the season are these brightly yellow covered shrubs.  Easy to grow  full sun plants  dot the countryside.  They make great hedges and can grow up to five feet in height.



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