American Cranberry Sauce


Cranberries, turkey and stuffing that is the combination most Americans have grown to love. Did you know that Wisconsin  has become the number one state for growing these beauties?  They are grown all summer long then around October 18th the fields are flooded cranberries rise to the top and are harvested.  To watch the bright red berries floating among the dark blue waters of the many bogs in the country side is a truly a beautiful sight.  Most families buy canned cranberry sauce. But once you eat home-made sauce you will never go back.  It is simple and can be made days ahead of time. There are only 3 ingredients cranberries, water and sugar.  This recipe is about 80 years old.  Make sure you follow all the directions or you will have soupy cranberry sauce.



  •  4 cups fresh cranberries  [ When you are buying fresh berries and you see the town Wisconsin Rapids on the  bag that’s where my family had a cabin and where we watched the berries be harvested every year]  Don’t scrimp on this amount buy an extra bag if you don’t think there will not be enough.
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 cups sugar

Wash and clean berries.  Throw away any bruised or soft berries. Place berries and water in a very large pan.  Boil about 15 minutes until the skins are broken and berries are soft. Force berries through a sieve or food mill. Throw away seeds and skins and place the pulp back on the stove.


Heat the pulp to boiling.  Then add sugar stirring to make sure everything is dissolved. Bring to a rapid boil, one that can not be stirred down and boil 3 to 5 minutes.

Skim off any foam that may have formed and pour into a pretty bowl or jar. Now that’s the only way to eat turkey and cranberries.


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