The Original Victory Garden


Every November the United States designates a day to recognize the men and women who served our country.  It is called Veteran’s Day.  I was surfing the internet trying to find a good video to post on my site as part off a project when I ran across some interesting information on the original victory gardens during WWI and WWII. Victory gardens were everywhere from Great Britain to the United States.  Slogans such as Our food is for fighting and Dig for Victory appeared in posters worldwide.


Eleanor Roosevelt used part of the White House lawn to demonstrate to others the importance of helping win the war on food.  Vacant lots, apartment buildings, rooftops, and backyards were used. Nine to ten million tons of food were grown. That’s quite amazing knowing that most of the labor was done by hand. What a way to burn calories.

Browsing through youtube I found an amazing video of the original Victory Garden.Watch the Holder family, Dad, Mother, Dick, and Jane as they show how a victory garden was planted,  Please note the comments that were added by Mr. Weishan are his opinions and not mine.  I do agree on much of what he said but it would have been nice to see the  film unedited.  The original film was produced by the Department of Ag in 1924.


Pictures were taken from Pinterest.


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