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Do you love to garden?  Are seed catalogs part of your current library? What about counting the days until spring? Does the person who does your nails cringe when you walk through the door and ask what on earth have you been doing? Then you my friend are looking at me. I love to garden but also have a “life after frost” as my family likes to put it.  I am retired but spend my days in the Midwest home of the best black earth in the country.  We live among fields of corn and soybeans but  live a few hours away from Chicago. I like to think we have it all, country and city both in the same place. So I hope you enjoy my posts.Even if you don’t garden enjoy the pictures.



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh, how I miss that soil!! I lived in Iowa up until two years ago when I moved down to southern Missouri. I was not prepared for just rock in place of that fine soil! It makes gardening very hard, but I’m going to try really hard next spring to start one!


  2. Hello !
    Although I would never be considered a gardening enthusiast I do appreciate other people’s gardens , and I do appreciate a lot the people who are using their gardens to not only grow beautiful flowers and create pleasant environments , but also wholesome nourishing real food.
    I am also not much of a cook , but I intend to improve on that , and your recipes and beautiful pictures just might nudge me a bit on that direction.
    Thank you for following me , and it is with great pleasure that I am following you too
    Turtle Hugs


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